Interesting facts about Bees

The bee can smell with it’s antennae, and taste with every foot; humm tasting by touch would be very interesting when visiting the super market.

  1. It takes 660lb’s to fill a barrel
  2. In the life of one bee she will produce one tea spoon of honey
  3. The Queen makes the hive there official home by secreting a scent from a gland on the abdomin, making the address official. (The sweet smell of home)
  4. All the female-worker eggs are equal, a steady supply of Royal Jelly produces a new Queen Bee.
  5. The world record for honey production is by a man Ron Smith who lived for one year in the tropical forests of Austrialia he lived and worked his 400 bee hives on Eucalipist trees they avereraged 672lbs per hive some produced over 1000lbs through the year. After one year Ron went back to his home town.
  6. To create one once of wax; it takes one pound of honey.
  7. Bees smell with their intena,
  8. Bees can taste on contact with all it’s six feet.
  9. The queen can lay up to 2000 eggs per day in the heat of summer.
  10. A bee hive can contain 50,000 bees.
  11. All workers are female, in a hive their maybe only a dozen or so male bees (drones) in a hive. The egg that produces the queen is the same for all female bees. The egg that is feed Royal Jelly develops into a queen bee. This food can not be reproduced by man and is sought after by many ethnic groups.
  12. Bees will collect nectar from five million flowers to make one pint of honey.
  13. In one day a bee will visit an average of 1500 flowers.
  14. A bee will average ten trips per day, each trip will take around one hour.
  15. Bees are attracted by colours and smells and can be fouled by flower type hats.
  16. The bees keep the cells at an even temperature of 95F.
  17. A foraging bee usually will travel up to 2 miles, but has been known to travel as much as 6 miles away from the hive. That is equal for us to travel 800 miles.
  18. Honey Dew is a sticky sugary substance secreted by aphids known as woodland honey, the bees and other insects will gather this from the aphids, insects will fight over this some times to the death. (Ants will act as shepherds protecting their flock and supply of honey dew).
  19. Mick Jagger keeps a bee hive in London UK
  20. Willium Denison, an ex-Mayor of Toronto, kept bees at Church and Gerard streets in Toronto.
  21. You’ll find beekeepers working as janitors and world leaders.